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I've owned my land in the park for 14 years now and often ask myself why . I don't have my 6 weeks off per year any longer but still make the 6 1/2 hour trek maybe 8 times per year . I have a 32 ft trailer on the premises , but want to build a leanto overlooking the river and possibly just a small cabin closer to the paved road . MY SO argue quite a bit as to the future . I want to keep it nice and simple , she wants a $500,000 cabin . My one tax bill is the first piece of mail I get each and every year btw , and it goes up every year . Still , I love the area , love the water , woods , peace and tranquility , and definately my " not so close neighbors " . One thing not enjoyable are those blood suckin black flies . We stay far away from May until July .
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