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Re: Land.

Yeah you can find some plots of land, mostly in the western Adirondacks for around 20k. I don't know that I'd compare that to an adventure vehicle though.

I tend to think of it this way: Why would I buy land in the Adirondacks when, given the right equipment, I can camp pretty much anywhere in the park? The massive amount of public land and facilities are what make it appealing so why add privatization cost on to what you already pay for?

Some people buy land and tow a camper there seasonally (some deeds don't allow you to leave one year round as it is a "mobile home"). Then you invest in a camper AND land (which you also pay taxes on!). Or you invest and build a simple cabin, which is going to be at least another $20k onto you land costs. And then you are stuck in one area, AND you have to pay taxes.... The plus side of land is tends to appreciate or at least hold value - a vehicle will be a total loss at some point if you keep it, and if you sell, surely a loss.

Really depends on what your priorities are. If it's being around different areas of the park and having a "camping" experience, then a van is probably best. If it's having something long-term that you can improve over time, and perhaps retire to, then land is the way to go.

Also keep in mind with land that if you wanted to drive and camp on it during the winter, you'd probably also have to pay someone to plow it (unless you like a lot of shoveling). And probably have that person on speed dial when you get stuck in the spring.

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