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Wow. Some great feedback.

bottom line you are better off in a motel or B&B or someplace where you can put your head down
Even if it fell out of the sky into my driveway free fuel usage would double or triple. So yes.

I would tell you to pull up on the parking area
Super generous, thank you!

massive RVs
Yes, I get this. I have a neighbor with a 27' trailer - not that massive. But he is already complaining about taking it to ADK's. I started the thread saying "small format rv" which to me means truck camper, teardrop trailer or camper van. Not considering anything that is not small enuogh to store discretely on my suburban property (neighbor pays for storage for his trailer too!) Yes yes, we pass a few trailer campgrounds on i87 and that is not our cup of tea.

justify the costs for a small teardrop though
So for tear drops I would look at something akin to a converted small cargo trailer or something like what Trail Marker sells. Something I can use as a cargo trailer. Earn its keep. This would also keep us in our v6 or v4 tow vehicle.

thought of an Adventure vehicle would be for when I had more free time
Ok, two thoughts here. Hotels are less attractive these days. And as a cost savings my employer has a currently optional plan where you can reduce salary AND work schedule. So I could be looking at two 3 day weekends a month before using vacation (and a slimmer paycheck). I'm at a point in my life where that does not sound all that bad.

Van options / Hang a hammock inside
Well - you guessed it. First step in a van camper version would be to put hammocks in it. Our preferred method of camping. Older commercial-grade van is what is drawing my attention. Daughter drives but does not have car. I lend her mine but having an extra vehicle would be cool. But as soon as I get close to $20k I start looking at the little bits and pieces of the ADK real estate you can grab for that.

Pop up
Off our list. We camp in winter. Yes, you can do that but it is not what they are made for. The exception being the aliner or other a frame pop ups.
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