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Originally Posted by Glen View Post
Please don't patronize me. I'm not a scientist but know enough that your statement that there are no answers is beyond silly. You take the fact that we don't know everything and seem to suggest that means we don't know anything.

Proof of my incompetence is the inability to get these damn quote responses properly outlined. Help Neil!
I'm sorry to be that way. But most people really do want 'the answer.' This is why they turn to news, media, and science. I think it is something about our education - they teach us there must be an answer and you must find the right one.

When science finds 'answers', they always lead to more questions. This is why scientists argue. This why science 'grows'. This is why theories remain theories. Laws in science are rare, and many of the traditional laws have been shown to need some amendment... but the amendments are still theory.

And what I meant about medicine and psychology has to do with how things are measured. We can't practically or ethically do experiments on people or living things like we can on light and matter. Medicine is a branch of science, but is not the base. Physics is considered the base, the simplest - the set of rules which our world obey in simplest terms. Then comes Chemistry. The interaction of atoms and all forms of matter. Elements and compounds obey the simple laws of Physics, but then add their own properties of complex interactions when combined. Chemical compounds make up living beings, and this is the basis for Biology. In this case compounds are combined into machines and structures which can perform functions within cells. Cells make up more complex structures which make up complex multi-celled organisms. This is the hierarchy of the fundamental sciences. Medicine is a branch of biology.

Every time we go up, the rules become more complex because of multiple interactions - in fact much like this computer I am typing on. Binary voltages are combined with some basic rules (logic) to create many, many higher functions. Just like physics to biology. It gets incredibly more complex the higher up we go. Climate is a very complicated system much like the body... and predicting anything is very, very difficult.
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