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On the contrary its those Pro Warming extremists and rogue climatologists that are trying to hi-jack a science issue and turn into a political one that are the problem.

By your definition then 99% of climate scientists are rogue.

I can only speak for myself, but if I don't feel well, I rely on a medical doctor for a diagnosis. If I go to 100 doctors and 99 tell me I'm very sick, I would tend to believe them vs the 1 that disagreed.
I gave a specific example of Rogue. Nowadays you can get anyone to say anything. Regardless if she was part of the consensus her initial statement was flat out wrong. The reason she retracted her statement about Warming causing the Vortex was that she was pressured by her peers. In the article I read there were numerous statements against her position by prominent climatologists. This was one of the rare examples of self censorship by the Climate community. I wish they would do more of this.
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