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Originally Posted by l'oiseau View Post

No I'm not. I'm speaking the truth.

And medicine and science are sometimes so unrelated it's sickening. Show me the true science in testing any drugs. If that were the case then there would be no lawsuits, there would be no recalls. And even worse look at psychology and understanding the brain.

The scientific method is not always practical in those cases. They use studies which are much different than a true experiment.

And really if you understood what I was saying you would see I am only arguing for one side, and that is science. It is the only side I ever argue for. Yet I don't believe very many actually understand it or what it means.

Your suggesting that less than 100 percent success means something is a failure? I'm sure you would agree that the drugs and treatments available today have something to offer humanity. I'm pretty sure it wasn't all guesswork. I don't know what psychology has to do with the original point, why not bring in Zoroastrianism? If you don't feel that a 99 percent consensus is relevant, or worse a "herd mentality", I respect your right to say that, but say it without the straw man arguments.

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