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Originally Posted by l'oiseau View Post

I'm going to be the first to say that is a terrible argument. If this were a few hundred years ago 99 out of the 100 would have put leaches on you and if you lived it would have been from some other phenomena which the doctors had no clue about.

Granted we have learned a lot more since then, but you can't use those kind of arguments as proof, at least not in science.

There is no safety in numbers, well not unless you are a wilderbeast. But I will also be the first to say that the counterarguments are bunk as well... same goes for evolution. Failure to complete a theory is not definitive proof that the theory is incorrect.

Really all one can do is wait and take data. I won't live that long, but I really don't think anyone would be happy to say they were right if it does turn out that global warming is true...

As a species, if a threat may exist, they we need to be proactive. We need not wait until an asteroid is on target with the earth to devise a solution, that is if we wish to survive... we need to think now - before it is too late!

I think you are just trying to be provocative. It's not a few hundred years ago, it's now. Medicine is science. You go in circles about how nothing is definitive. If that is taken literally, nothing we know would actually work consistently. Maybe things just have to be "accurate enough". You argue everything both ways, which is interesting but leads to no useful conclusions.

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