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In Uncertain Science...Uncertain World the author explains how science moves forward based upon uncertainty. The opponents of say, climate change, pounce upon that normal and desirable uncertainty in order to smear the scientific community. Ie. if there is disagreement on any topic or subject they crow, "Aha! See? The scientists can't even agree amongst themselves!"
On the contrary its those Pro Warming extremists and rogue climatologists that are trying to hi-jack a science issue and turn into a political one that are the problem. And by pointing at each individual weather event being caused by warming is not helping either. The most recent example is the dreaded Polar vortex. As usual the Climatologist had to retract her statement, if you call it a retraction.

Rutgers University climate scientist Jennifer Francis said:
“The media certainly had a field day with the “attack of the polar vortex” in early January, and in their hyping of the story, some misquoted me (and others) by saying that climate change caused the unusual cold spell. Of course this sort of event has happened before, and this one wasn’t unprecedented.

I also agree that greenhouse-gas induced warming will reduce, not increase, the likelihood of breaking cold temperature records — the data already show this.”
The IPCC needs to throttle stuff like this and start asserting their authority.
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