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Originally Posted by attrail View Post
The Cold River was as pretty and peaceful as advertised. The only problem with this loop is that we did not spend enough time actually on the river. I think Id like to go back and set up a base camp at Seward or Ouluska and spend a few days taking some day hikes. I imagine things would be popping in the fall! Thanks to everyone that posted advice on this loop and for previous trip reports of the area. Good times.

From the Lean-to at Seward Brook you have many day-hike bushwhacking options to various summits (and back).
Ouluska Pass. Good logging road comes in at about 750 meters elly on east side of brook that takes you a long ways in. There is an old trail through the pass but you have to keep your eyeballs open to stay on it. Off of it things can get rough.
Ouluska Pass to Seward via the Scooter Slide or to Seymour.
Emmons via the Emmons Slide
Couchsachraga and the Santanoni Range

Or you can just wander around in the woods with no particular goal or destination in mind.
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