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Lots of things that will work for different folks.

I guess when I was figuring out my canoe outfitting it came down to two big things that were a PITA for me:

1 - Carrying my canoe with a pack. I love those sling yoke pads IF I don't have a pack on. I've since found a pack AND yoke that work for me. This is really no different than the knu-pack in that I had to really tune both parts of the system. I really forget why I never went knu-pack setup, but in retrospect I wish I had.

2 - sitting or kneeling for a long time. I'm not a sitter. I hate it. I prefer walking or riding a bike. Kneeling is worse than sitting for me but both suck IMHO. So for me to be in a canoe for a long time, this was a big challenge to figure out. I liked paddling enough I was willing to suffer through it and figure it out. For some, maybe it's a rare enough thing you can grunt through it. For others it's something that impedes your ability to practice the sport, so therefor must be overcome.
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