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Originally Posted by Wldrns View Post

I like this one as most comfortable for me when I am not carrying a knupak full of gear. I use it on my Rapidfire solo canoe, which does not have a center thwart at the balance point. You can buy the pads separately and bolt them onto an existing wood center thwart.
I wouldn't recommend using those with a thwart. A yoke would be much better as it gives clearance for your head/neck and allows the suspension system to rest on your shoulders.

I also agree about the removable one. Usually those are designed for solo canoes because a permanent one at balance would interfere with the cockpit. And they tend to be narrower than a tandem, so it might not even be wide enough.

The basic design I prefer is the same, and that is the foam contour pad. Just get a bolt-on yoke and one of those pads and you'll have the same thing. It will simply bolt in place where you center thwart was. You'll need to trim the width (make sure you get one that is wide enough) and drill new holes - or take it to a canoe shop and have them install your new seats and yoke. You live in Canada, so I'd assume there is a canoe repair shop on every street corner.
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