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When I made the prongs for my backpack I used two short pieces of electrical conduit, some kind of thin walled steel tubing. One piece went in each side frame of the backpack. I cut a block of hardwood (ash or beech, I don't remember) about 4" long and put a short piece of dowel in each end, sticking up. The blocks fit on top of the pieces of conduit. I wrapped the wooden parts in electrical tape to make them look more elegant, and to keep from scuffing the finish on the canoe thwart. On my current canoe the easiest way to carry is to connect the prongs to the center seat, but I used the thwart on my first canoe without a seat. My backpack alteration didn't cost anything since I had all the bits around. If I was doing it now I might do something more elegant with aluminum, but the old version still works so I keep using it.
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