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My thoughts:

You'll avoid the worst of the crowds, but you'll still likely encounter a fair number of groups camped at Marcy Dam and Lake Colden. Bring a tent for sure- I've seen the lean-tos at Lake Colden completely full mid-week in summer before.

Lake Arnold is an ok spot to camp, but it's nothing special. Kind of wet and mucky there. On the plus side, mid-week, you'll likely have it all to yourself at night.

Your itinerary for Day 2 sounds a bit short. The going will be slow down the south side of Colden, but even so, if you get an early start from Lake Arnold, you'll most likely find yourself setting up camp at Lake Colden by early-afternoon. But maybe that's what you want.

Doing both Algonquin and Wright from Lake Colden presents a conundrum- how are you going to return to Lake Colden from Wright? You'll have to either re-climb Algonquin, or take the long way around via Marcy Dam and Avalanche Pass. Either way is not an insignificant burden- this will be a long, hard day. Might be better to just do Iroquois and Algonuin from Lake Colden, and save Wright for a different trip.

Cold Brook Pass Trail is no longer maintained by the DEC, after Irene ravaged the High Peaks. There's been reports here from people who have hiked it since the trail was abandoned- it's been described as passable but very rough going, with lots of wet spots and blow down.

Rocky Falls gets a lot of day use from the Loj. I personally prefer Scott Clearing- it's a little bit more secluded and remote, and the lean-to there is in better condition.

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