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Justin, Here are a few "dumbed down" terms for you that I've heard people use lately:
Thawed water
Un-thawed water
Unfrozen water

Worst feeling ever was an exhausting five-hour hike into Pharaoh Lake in the dark in knee-deep snow that would not support snowshoes but was able to pull them off frequently. Finally got to the lake and the relief of being able to walk on flat, firm snow was short-lived when we got to the middle of the lake and stepped in slush that was deeper than my boots were high.
The temperature plummeted over night and the next day we cut up drifts from around the lean-to and built a massive block wall to escape a steady 20 mph wind.

Then Bernie Sanders showed up. Most memorable camping trip ever. Always wondered how long the wall lasted and if anyone was crushed when it collapsed.
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