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Pinnacle Creek Ice Falls, SMWF, 3 Mar, 2021

It's been a couple of years since I've been to the ice falls on the banks of the Pinnacle Creek in the Shaker Mt. Wild Forest. Today, Tredhed and I started our hike early at the Pinnacle Road trailhead.
1b Register (2).jpg

The trail was in great shape as we headed up the shoulder of Pinnacle Mt. (Note the passing lane).
3c trail (2).jpg

After a mile or so, we left the blue disked trail and bushwhacked up the Pinnacle Creek through some beautiful hemlocks. The bushwhacking conditions were perfect. A little crust on top and a firm 2' base of snow.
1o path (2).jpg

After a few minutes, we came out at the large Vly.
1q Vly (2).jpg

The ice wall was at the north end of the Vly and stretched for about 200 yds.
2d ice (2).jpg
2k ice (2).jpg

The size and scope of the ice formations are very difficult to capture, but are nonetheless impressive.
2j Pat (2).jpg

After checking out the ice, we had to beat feet back to the Mothership to catch my daughter getting out of school. I figure another couple weeks and the snow conditions will make it unsafe to cross the Vly. I'm glad we were able to get out today and enjoy this little gem in the northern corner of Fulton County.
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