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Originally Posted by SevernRidger View Post
Out of curiosity, where would these clearer waters be? I have to be honest, while the portions of the ADK wilderness I've looked into thus far look beautiful and awe-inspiring, I guess I was picturing a place with luscious tree-lined banks, rock outcrops and cliffs and clear waters the likes of which are hard to come by in my area.
There are a few remote spring-fed lakes with ultra-transparent colorless water, shockingly clear. However the ones I am familiar with would require portages that I don't think you would want to take. Other waters are tannin tinted to varying degree, some more or less than others. Big lakes tend to have less tint than small ponds.

But once again, the water in Adirondack moving creeks and streams of all sizes and the vast majority of the lakes you would be in, is clean and transparent. It is just that there is a tea colored tint. A transparent tint only, not opaque, not silty, and not polluted. As a licensed guide when leading others folks, to be perfectly safe from any possible pathogen (such as from the potentiality of a dead animal laying upstream) and for liability sake, it is easy to effectively treat the water with any of the previously mentioned methods.

Methinks you obsess far too much about the quality of water you will find once you get here. I don't know where you got that idea, but don't worry about it.

You should consider packing for at least some short portages between waterways. You will be missing a lot of landscape if you try to go completely portage-less. Unfortunately kayaks are generally much more difficult to manage on a portage than canoes. Some portages are wheel friendly, others not so much. Do you have wheels for your kayak? The paddling guide and map references will give you portage information.
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