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All much appreciated. I have done a lot of reading on the NYSDEC website and there truly is a plethora of information there. I have read many times about the 150' rule and would probably only use that as a last resort, although the completely primitive aspect appeals to me. That said, there appear to be many established primitive sites around the areas I have been looking at. I would like to avoid campgrounds, as I never much like to have a bunch of nearby neighbors or plan to have the need for "luxury" camping amenities. I abide fully by Leave No Trace principles while camping or enjoying the outdoors. In MD, there aren't many primitive camping opportunities, especially of the paddle-to variety, but there are a few. I will always pick up a few pieces of trash someone else has carelessly or intentionally neglected. I really do appreciate the thoughts and recommendations, and that is sound advice for anyone planning to enjoy the great outdoors. We all have seen too many deplorable sights of negative human impact and I will not willfully contribute to that.

At this point, this trip is only an alluring and motivating sparkle in my mind, and I know I have much research to do, and many more possibilities and locations to learn about. That said, I am so thankful for your response and the jump start it has given me into planning a potential trip to the Adirondacks!

Once again, any and every reply is welcome and appreciated.

The adkforum is only the second forum I have joined amid my many interests and hobbies in my life, but already it has proven to be a great tool.

Thank you!
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