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Don't fear the tea-colored water from dissolved tannin that tints most (but not all) of the backcountry waters. It is harmless and tasteless.

Just one more thing (among many) to help you properly prepare.... there is a wealth of information and knowledge on the NYSDEC web site. Stuff that will make your life a lot easier and to keep you out of legal trouble as well. Make note of the different types of camping opportunities... there are campgrounds (for a fee but with public amenities) and then there are primitive designated campsites (free) in many parts of the "wilderness". Some are just tent sites, others have log lean-to shelters. And there is the 150 foot rule, where with certain restrictions, you are free to camp in truly primitive fashion wherever you like as long as you are at least 150 feet away from waters or trails and obey certain other simple restrictions. Please observe Leave No Trace principles in all cases.

There is so much on the NYSDEC site that it can be a little difficult to navigate, but here are a few of the pages you should definitely visit (click):

Primitive Camping
State Land Camping and Hiking Rules
DEC Campgrounds (pay to stay)
Bears and Bear resistant Canisters

And for specific questions with official answers, any Forest Ranger or Conservation Officer would be happy to answer your call. That's what they are there for. The Adirondacks are primarily in DEC Region 5 and Region 6.
Look them up by region here.
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