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Originally Posted by SevernRidger View Post
Places that caught my eye were the St. Regis Canoe area, and 5 Ponds Wilderness Area, just due to the remoteness/lack of motorized boats, but from what I gather you wouldn't want to be drinking that water even after treating...
Where on earth did you get that kind of information? The reason you have not seen much discussion on obtaining clean drinking water is that is not really an issue. I dare say that most of us who live in or frequently travel the Adirondacks have no problem with taking stream or lake water for drinking in most places where we paddle. Properly treated, of course, either by filtering, chemically (iodine, etc.), steripen, or by boiling.

The major reason for treating is to prevent the possibility of disease such as giardiasis, though I know plenty of people who do not hesitate to drink directly from a flowing mountain creek or the middle of a lake while paddling through, and have not suffered any ill effects. I would hesitate if I were in a confined motorized bay or other area with heavy motorboat traffic or on a small pond surrounded by shoreline residences, but I am almost never paddling in such water anyway.

But welcome to the forum and the Adirondacks. I think you will be pleasantly surprised when you arrive. Do your homework, as there are millions of wild woodland acres and a thousand miles of water to explore. I highly recommend getting a copy of the Adirondack Paddler's Guide and accompanying map to help you decide.
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