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Pharoah Lake Wilderness questions

I'm taking my son up to do a 3 night 3 day trip. I'm planning on parking at crane pond parking area. Is this still accessable? I read an article that the road took a lot of damage last fall. We are planning on renting someplace between Pharoah Lake 3 and 4. Can anyone recommend a good tent site? From there we are planning on taking Grizzle Ocean up to clear pond and Little Rock pond and rock pond. Where would you recommend tenting in the rock pond area? From there we will hike back to the crane pond parking area past lilipad pond and crane pond and drive home. Any advice on this route will be appreciated. Is there a better map showing mileages than the natgeo? The numbers are soooo small. I'd like a map of just the Pharoah Lake Wilderness with trail mileages. How are the bugs this time of year. We were in this area last July 4th and the bugs were pretty bad. Def needed our headnets. Will crowds be a problem midweek like we are planning? Thanks again.
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