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we paddled west, canada, and lily lake last year. on the west side of west lake is a small stream we went up quite a ways, crossing a lot of beaver dams tho. not much boat traffic. canada lake was party central, tho most boaters were parked and swimming. lily lake was quieter and had a couple nice campsites and good swimming. there are some camping sites at stewarts landing, but they are not on the water. the mud pond next to west and canada lake is private.
like TM said, none of the other lakes mentioned are possible to paddle to. pine lake does have a nice launch area, and once you get to the northern end it's pretty quiet.
i agree with stripperguy that good luck lake is a good choice, during the week tho, another party central on the wkends. and sand lake on powley-piseco is a good choice, as is E. Canada Creek...
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