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Were you near any heritage trout places… i realize you are being careful in not revealing it. But this was my first thought.

i.e.; Tamarac pond off of Big Deer/Lows Lake once held a heritage strain- though I don't know if they looked any different or it was just in their genetics. Back in early 90's, we watched them attempt to lime it, much to the loss of our wilderness experience, a large helicopter drag a huge crucible underneath it, the lime powder looking like it was on fire from the "smoke" leaking out of it. Trip after trip after trip! LOL. We also had an A-10 fly level to us when we climbed Grass Pond lookout… was a cool trip now that I think about it. WE had the entire lake to ourselves- never saw another soul, and this was late in June. Anyways, back to Tamarac… I heard later it was lost, the heritage trout, stuck there since the last ice age, or whenever- 1000's of years in any case… gone forever. …. bummer.

But a few others do still remain- I know of at least one.
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