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I am 55 and started "hiking" pretty much when I started to walk.

Born and raised in "the sticks". We lived on top of a hill in a ridge of hills in westren New York. A dirt road and my "best friend" lived next door.. three quarters of a mile away below a small knoll on the hill. I could see no neighbors from my house.

We were Boy Scouts (got to Life), played in the streams and woods, hunted. trapped, camped, tapped trees, cut wood, did chores, milked, all that good ol' country boy stuff!

Divorced 23 years with 2 adult male childs... good guys and I love em' ta death!!!

Director of Ski and Snowboard School in winter.. special projects co-ordinanator in off-season... that is a very broad definition.. meaning anything , anywhere, anytime..

actually at a 4 season resort ... work outside just about everyday and have all my life.

25 years as construction landscaper before this stint

Glad ta meet'cha all.... Ron
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