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Lots of great advice already posted. I was going to mention base camp and day trips too. Id like to give advice coming from a dad who canoe camped with a 2 year old and later with a 3 and 7 year old. First and foremost please be sure to get good pfds for your kids and make sure they wear them while on the water. Young kids will sink like a rock if they fall into the water. We purchased ours even though we rented canoes for years. A wise outfitter gave us this advice when we showed up with our 2 year old for the first time. Riding in a canoe is fun for a child, portaging is not. Get a small paddle for the 2 year old so she can help with the paddling. A toy fishing rod is fun too. We took our 2 year old up Long Pond mountain but had to carry her down on the return. She had a blast especially when we let her reach the top first. The trail is very easy to follow. I would also recommend a tarp. You may not need it but if you are hit with a full or multi day rainstorm, the tent with 4 people no matter how big it is gets old pretty fast. One of my fondest memories is watching a huge thunder storm come towards us on Little Tupper while under a snug tarp and hot chocolate on the camp stove. Something else that out daughter loved (when she was about 4)was pulling her behind the canoe on an inflatable air mattress.rA hammock is lots of fun too. We used a car camping 4 man tent for a few years so it is doable. Be sure to use an air mattress. Rollins is a great campground but water sites fill up 9 months in advance. For me, not having a water site is not as fun or interesting. Long Pond is a great choice with just 1 longish portage to get to the water. You can spend an entire week there doing side trips and exploring. Some sites have a decent beach for the kids to play too. It is very popular but there are lots of sites. If you can get there before Friday you should be ok. You mention June - if you can go before school lets out your chances of a site are even better. June can also be buggy so make sure you have repellent. My 2 year old is now 23 and she has great memories of the many years we took her camping. Btw - your 5 year old will surprise the heck out of you and you can spend some time teaching her how to paddle a canoe! The Adirondacks (especially the SRCA) are magical and hopefully your kids will want to return every year. Enjoy.
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