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Yes, you know your kids best... but bear in mind that the consequences of making the trip too easy are far less severe than the consequences of making the trip too difficult. If you're determined to make this trip work, I'd still strongly encourage you to err on the side of caution. For better or worse, your kids are going to remember this trip for years to come- and as their first big camping trip, it will shape their foundations of how they perceive paddling and camping. Do you want them to have a positive view of the outdoors experience? Or do you want them to come away with a negative perception of paddling and camping because you were so intent on conquering a backcountry traverse you didn't consider their needs?
Totally hear you - and I appreciate the time and thought you put into your post. Montcalm suggested a basecamp on Long in the post before yours and it was the lightbulb moment I needed. I agree that we want to kids to have fun, not to do a loop because mom and dad say so. We've got a decent amount of experience putting them out there and they have thrived, so I'm actually more worried about mom and dad getting overwhelmed with logistics and finding campsites.

Removing the overhead of relocating each day definitely makes it a lot easier so I think that's what we're going to do - we can even portage a (much lighter) canoe if we want to go check out some more remote locations.

The good news is that my wife has ten years of experience as an ourdoor guide in California - backpacking and sea kayaking as a part of the UC davis guide program. She taught *me* about leave no trace, about mentally getting through hard trips, etc. I just love the pre-planning portion, so we make a good team. Food/diapers/pickiness/what the kids enjoy - they are good reminders, and who knows what will actually happen, but I do really think that a little bit of challenge makes the whole experience richer.

Awesome pictures by the way! Looking forward to sharing mine when I'm done.
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