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Originally Posted by montcalm View Post
Oh geez - I'm sorry. Somehow I thought you said the kids were 5 and 8

With a 2 year old I'd definitely recommend the campground.
You all are trying to talk me out of it!

Sure, it's ambitious, but the way I see it, we can bug out from almost any point. The kids are pretty used to being on the water, and a few hours of paddling doesn't seem like a lot to ask to me - of course all kids are different.

My thinking is we'll know a lot about how we're feeling by the time we hit Follensby clear - either we'll be feeling great, or we'll find a campsite and stay put for a couple days, and then paddle out either back up fish creek or back via Polliwog + Middle if we want to see some new ponds. If we're feeling amazing, then we can go into the St. Regis area. We've car camped a whole bunch and are really looking for something a bit more challenging
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