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Essex chain exploring

You can paddle the length of the six/seven lakes (ponds) in half a day. The water front campsites are OK, not as comfortable as many others in the Adirondacks. I have not seen good swimming spots, but have taken a dip in a few places.

Since biking is allowed, it opens up miles of recreation adventures to the Hudson and Cedar rivers (good swimming at both) on hardened logging roads. One can easily combine a few days biking & paddling. With wheels, you can easily tow a boat to Deer or 5th behind a bike. Returning uphill to west side parking may include some walking. Views limited.

This area does not have a strong wilderness feel. 3 days enough unless you get well off beaten path. Car camping with a fire and access to extended biking & pond hopping is how I've come to most enjoy it. Have seen several very impressive beaver dams away from the ponds so have water shoes evening biking.
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