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One thing that I have learned after a couple dozen uses is to be very picky about the wood you chose to burn. Try to find the driest dead downed wood possible. If you find some choice DDW to burn the only issue you'll have is being too warm. It'll burn wetter wood as well once it gets going, but it wont keep it t-shirt weather in the tent.

My favorite aspect of the Cimarron is its versatility. It is so light that you don't need to rely on snow so you can sled in your gear. And it's a great shelter without a stove, too. A place for a group to hang out in, or a roomy solo/double to use with or without a stove. Get a small bug net inner, like the solo serenity bug net offered by Six Moon Designs, and then you have a insect proof summer shelter that has room to hang out in on those rainy days.
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