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tenderfoot - Not looking to take anything away from Seek Outside as I have, and enjoy using, their Red Cliff with their xl titanium stove. But if cost is an issue (and why wouldn't it be?), I would suggest you check out Luxe Outdoors. I recently picked up their Minipeak XL with the inner tent. My grandson and I used it on Lake Lila back in August and without the stove, there's plenty of room for four under the shelter; only two in the inner tent though. I picked one up because it's made with the polyester coating so it won't sag as much as a slinylon shelter when wet. Since I already have the stove, I'm good to go on that front. Also, if you want to save a few more $$$, you can purchase it without the inner tent so that might help you out as well. If you're interested, check them out at:

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