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I ended up getting a SO 8 man tipi with the xl stove, it has worked out great for us from hunting in the fall, backpacking/fishing trips in the spring, and family trips in the summer. After a lot of research I was between kifaru and SO for the durability, customer service and many positive reviews of their performance in inclement weather. Backpacking the tipi and stove in between 2 people is very doable, one thing I really appreciate about floorless shelters is being able to walk in with your boots still on. With the stove it can easily accommodate 4 people and hear. Without the stove it is a shangrila.

As far as wood processing we do well with a folding saw and a solid knife for batoning the wood, but a small hatchet would work great as well. We can usually get a 2-3 hour burn after each stocking, but I think if we used some larger diameter wood and closed the dampers down more could probably get 3-4 hours. Being able to hang out in a 80 degree shelter while it is snowing out is a luxury.
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