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I've had the PB 13 Spitfire for several years now and have used it in Algonquin Park and the Adks for multi-day trips many times. My fishing/hunting partner has a Hornbeck BlackJack and looking at his in the water it is tipsy and the sidewalls are much lower... he's taken on water from wind/waves while fishing. His backrest doesn't support him well either and so he added a beach chair to provide better support. Here is a video that shows his HB BJ on a windy lake and he's unstable in it. Notice how close the top of the HB BJ gunnel's are to the waterline compared to my Spitfire. You can also see the beach chair backrest he put in for extra support as well:

I'd go for the PB Spitfire... actually I'm placing an order this week for a PB 12 Ultralight for my wife as we have several trips planned this year. You are already familiar and experienced using the Spitfire... why change to something else now?
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