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No, you have to climb it from a trailhead.

Many people find themselves in this situation, where early on in their hiking in the High Peaks, they had not yet realized that they would want to climb them all. For you, Esther is known as an "orphan peak." Other commonly orphaned peaks are Lower Wolfjaw, Iroqouis, Nye, Blake, etc. These are peaks that are best climbed in one big hike along with a couple of their neighbors, but often get left out because of time, or as in your case, simply not realizing that you would eventually want to climb them.

Not sure how far along you are on your quest for the 46, but you will want to contact the 46ers and get assigned a correspondent.

The 46er correspondent can answer questions like this in detail, along with many other questions that come up.

(I was drawn to this thread because my wife and I finished on Esther back in 86. Nice peak, no views, wilderness feel, interesting history.)
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