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UPDATE: It looks as if someone at Big Agnes was paying attention. The newest version of the little red seems to have fixed the issue with the pad sleeve location. it now appears that the head/hood of the bag fits on the pad at the top end like it should.

It's interesting that the bag is still sized for a 4" 5" sleeper despite only fitting 4' pads. This means that now that the head fits on, the feet fall off the end of the pad. However this is a much more acceptable arrangement. For kids under 4' tall, it's a total non-issue. Still not sure why they don't make a 4' bag for a 4' pad or make the sleeve accept up to a 66" pad if they want the 4' 5" length. It looks like the new Duster 15 addresses this issue with an adjustable pad length and bag length at the cost of an extra pound to carry. Also strange that the product page for the Duster makes no mention of the range of height this bag will fit.

The pillow pocket has, thankfully, been eliminated. Would have been nice to see it redesigned, but most kids that age don't really need a pillow. At least now the mess of pillow pocket fabric is no longer bunched up in the hood. The hood has also now been reshaped.

If you are looking to buy one of these for your kids I would now recommend it for sure. Just make sure that if you are buying from an online retailer you get the new version (2018) and not the older version.

Even though I have not tried the new version I think I can bump the rating up to a 4.
Good job Big Agnes, even though it's too late for me.
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