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I'll second the Swiss Kitchen as a great homey style diner. Good solid traditional diner type food for breakfast and lunch. I go there quite a lot, my go-to place when I'm not with a lot of other people.

The Lumberjack is pretty good for breakfast, but often the wait is too long to get served. Right next door you can get the best fresh made breakfast or lunch sandwiches and a large variety of fresh yummy pastries at Larkin's Deli.

Little Italy has the usual Italian fare (of course). Good food, but the air is often overly warm in the dining room and it can be crowded at any time. You can get anything from the menu as take-out. That's a good thing when it is over packed and the wait for a table is long, as it usually is during the 90-mile canoe race.

I've been happy with the Pine Grove Restaurant too. Had many 90-miler race end-of-day dinners there with paddling crew and friends.

Just down the hill to the east on Rte 3 is the Marketplace Pub and Deli. Haven't tried the pub, but you can get a wide variety of very tasty fresh made to order deli sandwiches there.

Oh... and welcome to the area.
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