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The Abundance of Predators...

Originally Posted by redhawk View Post
What's the thought on what the effect will be IF it turned out there was a population... or at the very least... a mating pair in the Adirondacks?

What impact would it have on the environment, the whitetail population? Coyotes? Humans? Recreation in the Adirondacks (hunting, backpacking, camping, tourism)? What special measures would have to be put in place?
We have never discussed that here.
Well, at first glance, I thought Hawk may be a little bored here with his inquiry. Perhaps the result of a mild case of summer doldrums here on the forum.... Whatever...!

Not at all familiar with "Puma Concolor Gouguar", I decided to do a little research and was quite taken with my findings on Mountain Lions, also known as Cougars, Panthers or Puma's.

There's not a lot of correlation between the link I've posted, and the impact of the Mountain Lion on the Adirondacks, per se. However, you will definitely find the article abundant with information completely relevant to Hawk's inquiry...

Reader beware: In the article there's a segment with documented Mountain Lion attacks on human's. The articles are quite detailed, and for the most part, involve children....

It's rather lengthy, but definitely well worth the read..... Enjoy

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