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You'll learn the most about hiking by doing it with someone who is experienced. I'd tap into people you know who are hikers and have them show you the ropes. If you don't know anyone, then consider joining a hiking club and going on different outings. Three that immediately come to mind are the Adirondack Mountain Club, the Appalachian Mountain Club and Go to and search for a hiking club in your area. For example, in the Albany, NY area there is a Meetup group called HikingMates that has over 2,000 members.

If you are considering bringing kids out for which you'll be responsible, you MUST learn how to read and use a map and compass. It is fundamental. Granted you can always get a GPS unit, and it is an excellent tool, but it is not a replacement for knowing map and compass.

There is a member here who has written extensively on this website about map and compass. His username is "Wldrns". Read everyone one of his posts about wilderness navigation. They are encyclopedic.

I'd also find people who offer instruction classes in outdoor skills. GPS, map and compass, wilderness navigation, and more. They are out there. Just google it. Hands on is the best way.

You can learn a tremendous amount here on this and other hiking websites. Devote some time to reading posts or at least searching certain topics. I make it a point to follow 4 different hiking forums every day. I enjoy it and you learn in the process.

There is an EMS near Mineola. You can probably get a wealth of knowledge from spending time in that store and talking with the sales people. They usually know their stuff.
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