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Originally Posted by madison View Post
Solitude can be found in the West Canadas, if, as has been said, you steer clear of lean-to's. Cedar Lakes is gorgeous and there are established sites that I have never seen occupied in the 10 or so times I've been there- 1 near the bridge over the outlet to Beaver Pond, and one near the bridge right by the dam where the cedar river flows in. Both have great water access and it's only about 4 or miles from the Pillsbury parking area.
FYI: The site right at the dam at the outlet is not designated and is not legal (less than 150 feet from trail and water). It used to have a "no camping" disc but it probably got torn down. If you hike west along the south shore of the lake from that spot, you'll find a trail/old road that leads to a legal, designated site a few hundred feet away.

There is also a designated site midway between the outlet and Lean-to #1, and another one on the west end of Cedar Lakes, near the junction with the trail to the 3rd lean-to.

Pharaoh Lake has 11 designated tent sites in addition to the 6 lean-tos, but it's a popular destination. The west end of the lake in particular can fill up on a nice weekend.

As far as groups looking to share campsites- it does happen, but it's extremely rare, even in popular locations. In the hundreds of nights I've spent in the backcountry, I can only think of a single occasion where I ended up sharing a campsite with another group. I was camped at Pharaoh Lake with a friend, and a group of two college students showed up late and set up in the same campsite. No big deal, they were very respectful, and it turned out fine.

Sharing lean-tos, on the other hand, is much more common, and I've done so numerous times.
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