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If viable populations of cougars lived in NY, how many deer would they consume?

Thanks for the document from the Abundant Wildlife Society. It will take me a while to digest it. It IS dated (1995).

Recently, Dr. John Laundre of the Cougar Rewilding Foundation shared some thoughts with us. With his permission, I'm passing it on:

Here are some interesting numbers regarding deer in New York:

Estimated number of deer: 1,000,000
Number of deer hunters: 620,000
Number of deer hunters kill/year 200,000
Number of deer a population of 1000 cougars would kill/year (based on 42 deer/cougar/year, which is high): 42,000
Percent hunter harvest is of total population: 20%
Percent cougar harvest is of total population: 4.2%
Percent cougar harvest is of hunter harvest: 21%

Fact: deer numbers continue to increase in the state so even killing 20% of them does not slow their growth, adding 4% more for lions will not tip the balance!

Conclusion: State of New York could have 1,000 cougars and it would not have an effect on deer numbers!

Are hunters so greedy as to not want to share even a small percent of the deer population for the health of ecosystems??

Food for thought.

My questions: Did God create ungulates for the sport hunters? Should our public lands be managed as game farms?
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