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Well, at least you probably can say that you never walked around in circles for over a half-hour in search of the Van Hoevenberg Trail from the Loj parking lot! I'll never live that one down!

Nice photos! If anyone else wants to view them, you can do so by hitting the Quote button and pasting the URLs from the quoted text into your browser's address bar.

We could use some of that snow on this end of the state! My showshoes have only been used once this winter and we're already in mid-January.

On the subject of Street and Nye, I'm curious as to how many Adirondack hikers finish their 46 on either of those mountains. Probably not many. It seems like an underrated place to finish. You could then knock out all of the big peaks early, and still be able to celebrate the completion of your 46er journey on a scenic mountain (Mount Jo) with friends and family afterwards. Less cliché than finishing on Whiteface, too.
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