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Street & Nye via Indian Pass Trail

No, you can't get to Street & Nye from Indian Pass trail.

Luckily our goal, as always, was to enjoy the outdoors and be safe. We took a wrong turn at a junction, ambled down the Indian Pass Trail through the snowy woods for a good 40 minutes or so before realizing the error of our ways. Backtracked to junction, continued on but right before the true ascent did a clock check and realized we'd be hiking out in the dark. Not a big deal, but it being about 8F at this point we decided to turn around.

We arrived at ADK Loj Thur afternoon and set up tent. Temperatures were in single digits overnight. Slept in a bit. Hiked the trail as mentioned above. Actually got off trail sooner than expected since we turned around so actually drove home Fri night instead of Sat morning.

  • We carried snowshoes but snow was shallow. Did not need them entire time on trail. Other hikers indicated they used spikes all the way.
  • Short detour to right at river brings you to a do-able ice crossing. But river was wet rather than solid ice in most places.
  • ADK Loj's new campground 24 washrooms have a pail for food scraps if doing dishes in sink. I always did dishes at campsite, which is not fun in single digits. The ability to wash the occasional cup, pot or utensil inside was a nice thing to learn.

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