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While bushwhacking in hunting season I have carried an FRS family radio and left it open on channel 5, which is what most people use. I was on my way out of the Sawtooth Range a couple hours before sunset with about a mile of whacking to go. (near Alford Mtn.)
I heard two hunters talking softly. Something like this: "I'm going to circle around the big spruce and come towards you on the west slope."

I realized they were coming in crystal-clear so I keyed my mic: "hiker coming through, what is your position"?
Hunter:"Are you in need of assistance?" Then, "see any deer?" Me: no but I heard a bear higher up on Sawtooth 2".

Once we all knew where everyone was I felt safe to continue. I was wearing blaze orange.

Earlier that same morning the Averyville parking lot was full of pickups. I headed out pre-dawn and wore two headlamps. The one facing backwards I set to blinking and as I walked down the Pine Pond Road I turned my head slowly side to side like a lighthouse beacon.
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