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As a public land hunter I've had my share of encounters with hikers, including just this past weekend when we were dragging a buck out on a state trail near Lake George. 30-40 years ago, anyone you saw in the woods during hunting season was a hunter, not today.

Most are pleasant conversations. I know we can look scary carrying a gun, sweating, wearing camo and being a little "ripe" after being in camp for a few days, but, our crew are all good people who would never discourage other recreationists from enjoying the woods. Once they seem to understand that I'm a hiker when it's not hunting season, they realize we have a lot in common. I share knowledge of other hikes in the area and I've often had hikers tell me where and when they've seen deer.

Kudos to those here who dress appropriately during hunting season, and don't forget Rover!. While there are exceptions, stat's show that most shooting incidents (not accidents) involving hunters are amongst themselves.
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