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Shortly after the July 1995 derecho blowdown in the Five Ponds Wilderness, the 3 mile carry trail from Lows to the Oswegatchie was cut out from thousands of downed logs. Unfortunately it was cut far too narrow for cart wheels. My CW wheels kept crawling up over cut logs on one side or the other. It was hell. I actually lost the knurled knob holding one wheel because it got rotated off by edging over cut logs. Had to improvise a fashion to hold the wheel on after that. The trail was cut out wider later.

The first third of the Raquette Falls Carry is quite impossible to negotiate with a cart unless you separately carry the cart by hand. The second two thirds is not much easier (but possible) with a high wheel (CW) cart. It is the bane of 90 miler canoe racers on day 2, since the competitor's race rules say if you use wheels on any one day (easy and desirable on days 1 and 3), then you must carry wheels with you all three days of the race. I have at other times (although not when racing) used a smaller lighter cart on my Rapidfire, where I just attached it at the beginning of the carry and carried the canoe, cart and all, upside down over the rough areas. Got some odd looks from others I encountered along the way.
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