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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
Certainly not widespread, but I would think if it happened a couple times already, then it is certainly possible that it has happened a few times more than that without people getting caught. If that’s true then I think it can & would have an impact on the population by eliminating a few moose that otherwise might be healthy breeders. Anecdotal yes without any other hard evidence to back it up, but this is just a discussion, and it’s a sad reality that there are many people in this world who don’t care about laws & regulations and never get caught.
Originally Posted by poconoron View Post
Indeed this is true. In my area of the southern ADKs, there are many local residents who hunt from their backyards for deer specifically and use illegal baiting - and do it out of season.

So those who refuse to believe this is happening have their collective heads in the sand.

The deer population (because of it's size) may be able to sustain this sort of illegal hunting. A fragile, recovering moose population would be much more hard-hit.
I think it makes more sense to wait and see what the DEC says on the current Moose population trend (and any contributing factors) before jumping to any premature conclusions.

Poaching happens everywhere, including in North America to some degree. But we also have very robust hunter-based (and funded) conservation system in place here; poaching, generally-speaking, is not a serious threat to most of our wildlife populations, unlike other parts of the world. If the DEC has evidence that poaching is adversely affecting the Moose numbers here in NY, I’d expect them to note that in their survey and to put out requests for information on suspected infractions.

People here are free to assume whatever they want, but we’re discussing assumptions, not hard facts. Maybe we can let this side-topic rest a bit while we wait for more information; I think some people here are trying to create a controversy out of what might ultimately be a negligible problem.

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