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Originally Posted by Neil View Post
If moose in the blue line are at the edge of their range then their lives will be hard and they will be under strong "selection pressure".
A good point, but the question is when this map was made and based on what? Generally these maps I see are based on current populations and estimates.

The more interesting question would be what the moose population and range was before humans had a significant impact on the landscape. That may even precede the rise of the Iroquois nation in NYS. We'd probably never get an answer in the east, but out west, there may have been reports. For example, did moose used to populate the central Rockies down into Colorado?

And would the Adirondacks continue to support moose population, even on the fringes, if it weren't for the forest preserve and better logging practices and of course, lack of hunting? It seems as though at the time the park was created, the moose population was not exactly thriving.

What I tend to notice about that map is that it generally outlines the Boreal and Hemiboreal forests with some encroachment into Tundra. With the changing climate could come changes to these forest types and force the moose out of the southern reaches altogether. I don't know enough about their habitat requirements to understand what limits them from populating further south.

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