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Originally Posted by chairrock View Post
Despite all of the comments, I still think it would be money well spent to protect the lakes from the spread of invasives ... WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO PAY OR DO? It seems cheap to me to keep that crud out of the lakes..
The problem is, I doubt the proposed steward program would actually protect our lakes from the spread of invasives. Heck, the proposed legislation itself doesn't even claim it will! It says the program is "designed to collect information and data on alien plants and animals in the waters of the state and to educate boaters." Stewards are supposed to inspect boats and "remove and collect" plant or animal material, identify invasives, and record information about the boat involved (such as where it has been operated in the past, etc).

They specifically do NOT have the power to force an owner to submit to an inspection, or to answer any questions the steward asks about anything, including where the boat has been operated. Stewards have no ability to prevent the launching of a boat with visible invasives on it. Private marinas are not required to allow access to stewards.

So a steward could see a boat pull up with water milfoil all over the trailer, and could do absolutely nothing about it, except politely ask the owner to not launch.

For better or for worse, the proposed legislation has no teeth. Which is probably why it was proposed by ESMTA, a group that advocates for motor boaters -- they proposed a useless system in order to prevent someone else from proposing a system that might actually do something(*). And the icing on the cake, they want someone else to pay for it.

The proposed Senate bill can be read here:

(*) By the way, this is not some wacky conspiracy theory. The ESMTA says this right on their website:
We are currently discussing this legislation with Assemblyman Sweeney in an effort to be proactive on this issue and head-off attempts by environmental bureaucrats to have introduced in the legislature an IS [invasive species] bill that would negatively impact the marine industry.

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