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Well, today was the day my questions were fully answered.

Son Josh and I took a quick day trip to Big Pond via the beaver flooded outflow...thank you beavers. It took about 10 minutes to carry to the bridge near the big beaver dam, where the outflow crosses the trail.
You can see the bridge in the background.

We put in on the far side of the bridge, and waited for the winds to subside a bit. Yeah, that didn't happen, so we paddled out on the flow.
Almost immediately, we scared away a pair of Buffleheads, and there was another pair that flew in from behind us.
Sorry for the poor pic

When we got to the far side of the flow, we realized that were a half dozen Great Blue Herons buzzing about. Sure enough, we counted no less than 15 GBH nests in the flooded trees. Old coach said to beware...we hung out by another beaver dam and watched for a while.

We carried on the north side of the stream through lots of deadfall, and a surprising amount of downed white birch.
Once on the water at Big Pond, we made a bee line to the inlet in the SW corner, mostly so we could head straight into the wind and waves. Yup, we took on water over the bow...imagine if we were on LTL!! Found a nice primitive campsite on the W shore on a point. Then paddled the perimeter until we found a really nice campsite on the N shore. We had our lunches there (PB&J for me, cold pizza for him), and walked the footpath that led N to the marked and maintained blue trail to Hoffman Notch. The primitive campsite was huge and the fire pit was impressive in that it was made with a sizeable split erratic on the one side.

And that was it! oh, almost, we still had to paddle back across Big Pond. This time we carried on the south side of the stream on a well used footpath, much easier going than on the N side. Take a look, you would think this was a marked trail.

GPS says it was a 4 mile loop, not counting the walk on the footpath to intersect the Hoffman Notch trail.
Nice to be out again after spending so much time with the new house...
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