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I last visited there in summer 2019. The beaver dam is substantial and I would be very surprised if it is not still in good shape. I didn't paddle it but I did bushwhack along the eastern shoreline to get a look at the upper lobe of the flow. It looks very doable and I've been intending to go back there. Information from a friend was that not only is the beaver flow receptive to paddling, but the outlet from Big Pond to that beaver flow is partially navigable. And there is an old trail to permit carry the rest of the way. Memory is that the information indicated the carry trail is on paddler's left, heading toward Big Pond.

The bigger problem with paddling that flow in late Spring early summer is that the upper lobe of it is a sizeable heron rookery (Great Blue). Paddling through would be disruptive and there is a major danger of receiving droppings from the sky with flushed birds!. It is a noisy place when the nests are full of hatchlings. I observed that myself.

The hike to the bridge where the beaver dam is located is very short and the bushwhack along the east side, up on a ridge, is fairly open and easy. So you could do enough recon even without a boat.

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