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Originally Posted by JimVroman View Post
I didn't post that to prove you wrong, Buck. Or me right, for that matter.
We all have our favorite places and try to protect them from overuse.
The Raquette's one of my favorite places but it's big river with lots places to fish.
No problem at all. I just know how protective anglers can be of trout and walleye waters and I didn't expect the original poster to get much response.

A few years a back a local private lake homeowner's association asked me what I thought about them putting walleyes in the lake. I told them it would be great if they could keep a lid on it, otherwise every angler around would be trying to find ways to get at them, especially in winter. They didn't believe me, until some of the hardy anglers who live on the lake chimed in with the same response. The lake doesn't have good spawning habitat anyway.
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