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It's not so much that the forest gets "thick." There's a few brushy spots but generally it's not too bad in this regard.

Rather, it's just that the trail simply doesn't exist in spots. In fact, the section where there's no discernable tread whatsoever is through a stretch of forest with a fairly open understory from what I recall. My memory pegs this stretch as being maybe a half mile in length, so not super long but long enough to get yourself into trouble if you're not paying attention (or not good with navigating with GPS and/or map and compass).

And also there's a few old spur logging roads that can suck you off the main route. But like I said, the two worst offending intersections that were previously unmarked did get arrow signs a couple of years ago.

If you want a thickly overgrown trail, though, the Cold River Horse Trail to the north definitely fits that criteria.
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